Community-Based Outreach

Wisconsin did a study on the highest college acceptance rates for immigrants, poor and middle class high school students into state universities showing a drop in the last 2 years

In a statement to The Conversation, school officials maintained that a major reason its graduates don’t persist in college is due to lack of money.

“The number one reason we are given as why Urban Prep graduates choose not to continue pursuing their degree is a lack of financial resources and proper supports at the colleges they attend,” Dennis Lacewell, chief academic officer at Urban Prep Academies, wrote in an e-mail to The Conversation. “This is consistent with national data related to first-generation and black male students going to college.”

Covering Kids & Families is looking at ways we can apply the lessons we’ve learned doing BadgerCare+ outreach through the schools with our CHILD (Connecting Health Insurance to Lunch Data) project to other family serving organizations. We have helped the schools develop systems to identify students that are uninsured and linking them with BadgerCare+. We think that the tools that we’ve developed have application to a variety of community-based organizations, and we’re bringing those tools to non-school family serving agencies, such as family resource centers and child care centers.