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The Affordable Care Act:

  Webinar and Powerpoint      

Health Care Refrom Sign

CKF and UW Cooperative Extension Air "The Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin" Video (September 2013)

Caroline Gomez, CKF Health Care Outreach Specialist and Michael Collins, UW Professor and specialist with UW-Extension Cooperative Family Living Programs, explore the consumer financial implications of aspects of the Affordable Care in this 25-minute interview.

PowerPoint Presentation: The ACA in Wisconsin (October 2013):

This presentation was prepared and presented by Covering Kids & Families staff to provide an overview on the Affordable Care Act, including discussion on: the Marketplace, premium tax subsidies, cost-sharing, enrollment assistance, and online resources.

Video Presentation: The Election’s Over: What’s Next for Health Care Reform? (November 2012):

Powerpoint presentation: The Election’s Over: What’s Next for Health Care Reform? (November 2012)