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BadgerCare+ July 1, 2012 Changes(En Español)

Wisconsin residents covered under the state’s BadgerCarePlus program have experienced some changes, the first of which took place July 1.

  • Some changes within the program, particularly those involving premium increases, began as of July 1. Some changes may not occur until a family renews its BadgerCare Plus coverage.
  • Children are not directly affected by these changes, though many will be affected indirectly due to changes for their parents.
  • Adults enrolled in BadgerCare Plus with incomes at 133 percent of the federal poverty level or above ($30,600 for a family of four) have been assessed an increased or new monthly premium payment based on their income. This includes individuals without dependent children receiving coverage through the BadgerCare Plus Core program.
  • Individuals and families need to pay their premiums on time to avoid having their benefits end.
  • If premiums are not paid and benefits end, adults will not be eligible again for BadgerCare Plus for 12 months and children for six months. If parents do not pay their own premiums, the children remain covered as long as their premiums are paid.
  • A family who receives BadgerCare Plus must report changes to their income within 10 days of that change. Proof or verification will be required. This is especially important for families whose income falls below 133 percent of the federal poverty level.
  • There is no waiting list for BadgerCare Plus for children and families, only for BadgerCare Core program for adults without dependents. children. Families interested in applying for benefits should go to

10 Things To Know About Upcoming BadgerCare+ Changes

Covering Kids & Families has created a 10 Things To Know About Upcoming BadgerCare+ Changes fact sheet and decision tree to help clarify these changes.

10 Things To Know About BadgerCare+ Changes

For further information:


  • BadgerCare+ and Health Care Reform PDF of a PowerPoint Presentation with presenter notes that reviews what Wisconsin has accomplished with the BadgerCare+ system and a look at the possible future of health care.