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Courts Weigh In on ACA and Premium Subsidies – But Nothing Changes (Yet)
Posted on July 22, 2014

On July 22,, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals released a decision saying that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) only authorized health insurance subsidies for state-based Marketplaces, essentially rendering subsidies invalid in the 36 states with federally-facilitated and state-partnership Marketplaces.

Just a few hours later, the Virginia Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the subsidies in federally-facilitated and partnership Marketplaces.

So, what does this mean for subsidies in Wisconsin, a federally-facilitated Marketplace?

Read  more on our blog.

BadgerCare+ Enrollment Numbers Released

The Department of Health Services released April’s BadgerCare+ enrollment numbers today. The release of these numbers has been anticipated because the numbers reflect the effect of the April 1 BadgerCare+ eligibility changes.

Remember, the April 1 changes modified eligibility for BadgerCare+ to 100% FPL, providing access to coverage for many, but eliminating access to coverage for some.

So, what story do the numbers tell? Are more people insured? And, who’s left out? Read more on our blog.

CEP - Free Breakfast & Lunch in Eligible Wisconsin Schools

CKF has been working with Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to connect children to healthy, free school meals via direct certification (DC) since 2011. Now, a new and exciting opportunity called Community Eligibility (CEP) is on the horizon for high poverty schools and districts in Wisconsin that will connect even more children to healthy, free school meals. Read more about CEP on our blog.

Small Doses About the Role of Tax Credits When Obtaining Health Insurance on the Marketplace

The IRS has posted four Tax Credit Videos on YouTube - three explain the Advanced Premium Tax Credit....Read more on our blog.

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Covering Kids & Families (CKF) is a statewide coalition dedicated to reducing health disparities and improving overall health in Wisconsin by connecting people to health insurance coverage. Working with schools, public agencies, non-profit organizations and communities, CKF builds capacity to maximize participation in public health programs.

Browse this website for information and resources on BadgerCare+ and the visit the ACA Section for information and resources on the Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin.

CKF News

New Materials for Special Enrollment Periods

With just about 3 months until open enrollment starts on November 15, 2014, many people think they can't get insurance until then. But, there are many situations that allow an uninsured person to enroll in a Marketplace plan under a Special Enrollment Period or SEP. Use this new handy chart to help determine when someone might be eligible for a SEP. Promote these opportunities to your clients and members with this simple 8.5" x 11" poster: Milwaukee SEP poster or Wisconsin SEP poster.

Important Updates for Immigrants from CKF and CMS

First, update your resource materials by downloading the updated Health Insurance Options for Immigrants to review the nuances of insurance choices and eligibility.

Then, download this CMS newsrelease urging consumers who have not yet responded to requests for additional documentation to act now and submit supporting documents by September 5 or their Marketplace coverage will end on September 30.

Webinar: Helping Wisconsin Kids Get Covered: Connecting to Health Coverage through Schools

Review this nationally broadcast webinar to learn more about engaging schools in health insurance outreach to make sure kids are covered. Learn about relationship building, determining and implementing outreach strategies, collecting and using data, and various other tools. Or, download the PowerPoint Presentation. 

Remember - BadgerCare+ Enrollment is Open All Year 'Round

Even though open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace is closed (except for special enrollment situations) eligible children and families can always enroll in BadgerCare+ at

Here's a new Fact Sheet to help share the details.
BadgerCare+ Health Coverage. This fact sheet includes the map of all the Wisconsin IM Consortia for easy reference.

10 Cambios Importantes Acerca De BadgerCare+

Thanks to our CKF staff and our partner Centro Hispano in Milwaukee, we have 10 Things to Know About BadgerCare+ Changes in 2014 available in Spanish: 10 Cambios Importantes Acerca De BadgerCare+.

CKF Publishes New Fact Sheets

With a national focus on making sure young adults are aware of both the legal requirement to have health insurance and the importance of health insurance, CKF has created a fact sheet focusing on options for this group. Download the English version: Health Insurance Options for Young Adults.
Or, our new Spanish edition: Seguro de salud: Opciones para los jóvenes.

As people join our communities from all over the world, they, too, have additional options for health coverage. Health Insurance Options for Immigrants lays out the plans and key eligibility threshholds.

Visit E4Health Wisconsin Enrollment Resources Website

Visit E4Health Wisconsin!

The website is a one-stop-shop for assister training and consumer events, regulatory and policy updates, Regional Enrollment Network connection, and resources to educate consumers with enrollment.